Sunday, March 17, 2019

March 11 - 15

This week, we learned about illustrators who use collage to make their art. On Monday, we read books by Lois Elhert and began creating our own collages using many different kinds of paper. On Tuesday, we read another Lois Elhert story along with a story about Henri Matisse, one of the most well-known artists who used collage. We also continued making collages during choice time. On Wednesday, we began reading stories by Leo Lionni and comparing his collages with Lois Elhert’s. On Thursday, Mrs. Chris came in to make leprechaun traps with us! Each student got a show box to decorate and engineer into a trap for a leprechaun. Some students made holes in the top of their boxes for leprechauns to fall into, while others propped he boxes open with popsicle sticks and lured the leprechauns in with messages like “free gold” and “welcome.” On Friday, we read more stories by Leo Lionni and spent a lot of time outside in the warm air and wet playground! Next week, we will have a Saint Patrick’s Day surprise,  learn about various artists, and take a trip to the library!

Making a collage

Making collage binoculars

Showing me his “police stick” and police face 

Proud of her telescope

Our new bulletin board

Making leprechaun traps

So excited about his new tiger 

A “ninja” and his puzzle 

Playing in the lake that took over our picnic tables!

Sunday, March 10, 2019

March 5 - 8

This week, we started our unit about illustrators by learning about Eric Carle and how he makes his artwork. On Tuesday, we read Eric Carle’s book, “Pancakes, Pancakes!” We also learned about some celebrations that were happening around the world on that day: Mardi Gras/Carnival and Pancake Tuesday. In the United Kingdom, some people celebrate  the day before the start of Lent by using up their eggs and milk to make pancakes. They even have “pancake races” in some towns where people race down the street with a pancake in a skillet and flip the pancake while they run! To celebrate Pancake Tuesday and the book “Pancakes, Pancakes,” we made our own pancakes! The students helped to measure the ingredients, mix them together, and put a cupful of  pancake mix on the skillet. Some students decided to add blueberries to their pancakes, and some kept them plain. Once all of the students had made their pancakes, we had a “pancake party” and ate our pancakes! Some students had strawberry jam on top of their pancakes, just like the boy in the story! Our pancakes were delicious! On Wednesday, we started an Eric Carle-inspired art project. The first step that Eric Carle takes in creating his artwork is painting on tissue paper. The students used different kinds of paint brushes, rollers, and dotters to create designs on their tissue paper with paint. That afternoon, we had Spanish class with Mrs. Leslie and learned some words related to school! On Thursday, we took the next step in creating Eric Carle-inspired art by using stencils to draw the shape of an animal, ripping up pieces of our painted tissue paper, and gluing those pieces down on our animal outline. The finished products were amazing! On Friday, we finished the art project. We also voted on our favorite colors and determined that the most students liked the color pink best. Next week, we will learn about Lois Elbert and Leo Lionni who both use collage in their illustrations!

Mixing pancake batter

Mixing fast!

Adding blueberries

Flipping pancakes

Pancake party!

Painting tissue paper like Eric Carle

Finished products

Working together to push a giant snowball

Having fun on the "ice slide" on the back of the hill!

We had fun coming up with silly ways to slide down the hill :)

Adding tissue paper to her dog shape!

Finished dinosaur

Our finished Eric Carle-inspired art!

When preschoolers work together, they can create amazing things!

Mixing colors in the science center

Magnatile structure

Sunday, March 3, 2019

February 25 - March 1

This week was our last week of our dinosaurs unit. On Monday, we read “Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones” and talked about how paleontologists reassemble dinosaur bones into skeletons to be put in museums. On Tuesday, we read “How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?” and had fun predicting the rhyming words and listening to Ms. Rice attempt to pronounce tricky dinosaur names! We couldn’t go outside since the wind chill was below zero, so we had a dinosaur parade around the classroom with some instruments! On Wednesday, we read “Prehistoric Actual Size” and learned about the real sizes of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. We also talked about the meaning of the word “prehistoric.” On Thursday, we read “Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs” which presents scientific information about dinosaurs in an interesting and silly way! On Friday, Natalie Muhlestein came in to talk to the kids about her recent trip to Antarctica! She showed the kids a map to help them understand where Antarctica is, talked with them about her adventures, and showed them pictures and videos! The students really enjoyed seeing her pictures and videos of penguins, seals, and whales! We also read “They All Saw a Cat” as an introduction to our next unit on illustrators/artists. Next week, we will start the unit by  reading books by Eric Carle and learning about how he creates his wonderful illustrations!

Our shape dinosaurs on display in the hallway

Dinosaur parade!


AMAZING block structures!

Always proud of his puzzles :) 

Painting buddies

Spelling words with the moveable alphabet 

Morning Message question from Thursday 

Working on his project about Mars 

We got to see a fire truck outside that had been adding water to the school’s skating rink!