Sunday, December 9, 2018

December 3 - 7

This week, we learned about winter and some December holidays! On Monday, we did a science experiment to find out whether snow would melt faster on the window sill or on a table in the middle of the classroom. First, the students made predictions which we made into a graph. Then, we placed the bowls full of snow in each of the locations and waited for them to melt. It took almost all day, but after rest time we noticed that the snow by the window sill had melted faster! We had a discussion about why we thought that had happened, and the students concluded that it must have been the heat from the heater by the window and the sun that had melted the snow. We also learned about Hanukkah on Monday since it was the first day. We read stories and learned how to play dreidel! On Tuesday, we continued to learn and read about Hanukkah. Mr Matt shared his own family traditions with us and brought some books and dreidels from his home to share with us! On Wednesday, we learned about winter and read “Owl Moon” and “Bright Snow, White Snow”. We also did an impromptu science experiment when a student found a thick chunk of ice on the playground. We took the ice inside and placed it in a bowl, and we also got a bowl full of snow. The students each made predictions about whether the ice or the snow would melt faster, and a few hours later we found the the snow had melted faster since it was less tightly packed together than the ice. On Thursday, we learned about Saint Nicholas Day which is celebrated throughout Europe and in a few other places around the world. On Saint Nicholas Day, good chileren receive gifts and treats in their boots from Saint Nicholas while they are sleeping. During rest time, Saint Nicholas left gifts and treats in the students’ boots which was quite an exciting surprise when they woke up! We also had music class with Mr Norm and Mrs Jen and we got to visit kindergarten to play with them during choice time! It was a very fun and exciting day! On Friday, we took a trip to the library and had a very fun story time with Mrs Samantha where the students created their own “disco ball” ornaments! Next week, we will learn about Santa Lucia day and read various versions of the Gingebread Man story! We will also have our winter craft even on Thursday!

Our snow experiment chart

Our new favorite dress-up dress!

He's a big fan of the horse costume

Spelling words with the moveable alphabet

Using our new listening station

Playing dreidel

More dreidel

Painting with  kindergarteners

Dress up with kindergarten friends

Kindergarten has some fun toys!

A princess and her tower

When the playground is too icy to play on, we make"bridges" out of ice chunks!

Sunday, December 2, 2018

November 26-30

This week, we had a lot of fun learning about Jan Brett and reading her amazing books! Throughout the week, we learned about the concept of foreshadowing, or hinting at what is coming next in a story. Jan Brett does this by drawing illustrations in the side panels of each page that show a character or event that will be seen on the next page. On Monday, we read and acted out the story of “The Mitten”. We also learned a little bit about who Jan Brett is and what authors and illustrators do. On Wednesday, we read Brett’s newest book, “The Snowy Nap” as well as “The Hat”. Both books involved a wonderful character named Hedgie that the students loved. On Thursday, we read the story “Trouble with Trolls” and laughed as Treva tricked all of the silly trolls into giving her back her things. On Friday, we read a big book of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, retold and illustrated by Jan Brett. We also brainstormed some questions and comments for Jan Brett and wrote them in a letter that we mailed to her! Hopefully we will get a letter in response from our new favorite author and illustrator! Next week, we will begin learning about holidays around the world!

All bundled up!

Taking good care of their babies

Road builders

Our finished "We Are Thankful" book

Playing our new exchange game

Reading the Three Bears big book

Music class with Mr. Norm and Mrs. Jen!

Playing so nicely together :)

Crawling up the slippery sledding hill

Everyone wants to ride with Mrs. Becka!

Our brainstormed list of questions and comments for Jan Brett

The finished letter!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

November 14 - 21

What an unusual couple of weeks we have had! Due to Veteran’s Day and snow days, we only went to school for 2 days last week, but we still learned a lot! We started talking about Thanksgiving on Wednesday and learned the meaning of words like “feast” and “thankful”. We began creating a chart about what each student is thankful for to make that idea of “thankful” more personal for the students. Since there was new snow on the ground, we spent a lot of time playing outside and exploring snow both last week and this week. On Wednesday night, we had a wonderful Harvest Dinner with delicious food and time to socialize with other preschool families! After the long weekend, we came back for 2.5 days and learned more about thanksgiving. We finished our chart and used it to create a class book called “We Are Thankful.” We talked about what it means to be authors and illustrators as each student wrote words and drew illustrations on their page. Next week, we will finish up our book and begin an “author study” of Jan Brett. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Sliding :)

Very focused stacking 

A puppet show

Exploring force


Even teachers have fun in the snow!

Our new see-saw

Dress-up play

Ms. Rice tried belly sliding too...haha!

Creating a home for her stuffies

Amazing block structure

More sledding

Monday, November 12, 2018

November 5 - 9

This week, we learned more about community helpers and their vehicles. On Monday, we learned about fire safety, firefighters, and fire trucks. We read stories, made firefighter hats, and practiced stopping, dropping, and rolling. On Tuesday, two firefighters came to visit us with their fire trucks! We got to go outside and look at the firetrucks while the firefighters showed us all of the secret compartments and tools inside. Each child also got a chance to go up into the firetruck and see inside! When we were done looking at the firetrucks, we went inside with one of the firefighters and he showed us his fire-fighting gear. He put on his boots, pants, jacket, air tank backpack, mask, and helmet and then let the children get used to the way that he looked and ask him questions. We learned a lot about firefighters' jobs and I think it was a very memorable and exciting experience for the students! On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we learned about ambulances and police cars and the community helpers that drive them. The students continued to have fun dressing up as community helpers in dramatic play, pretending to be construction workers and firefighters in the block center, and reading all sorts of different stories about emergency vehicles in the library center. Next week, we will start learning about Thanksgiving!

Looking at the fire trucks!

Showing the students the tools and what they do

Each student got to go up into the truck and look around

We had so much fun looking at the fire trucks!

Watching our firefighter friend put on his gear

Finished hundred's board!

Aven's finished teens board (the second number was 12, it just lost it's 2 before the picture)

Some firefighters/construction workers working on a house with their tools

Ms. Elena playing with some friends

Amazing block structures

Playing hide-and-seek

Experimenting with magnets

We love having big kid helpers!

Playing in the rice-filled sensory table

More outstanding block structures!