Sunday, June 16, 2019

June 3 - 14

It has been a fun couple of weeks since I last posted! Some highlights from the week of the 3rd included a goodbye party for our high school helper, Ms. Alexia, the In and Out (and In-Between) Picnic, a visit from Mr. Rob, and lots of fun in the sun! This past week, we read some silly stories, worked on our Father’s Day projects, took End of the Year pictures, and did a science experiment where we made our own crystals from epsom salt, hot water, and food coloring! Next week, we will go on a walking field trip to Gladstone Creamery to have a special ice cream story time, finish up all of our projects, and say goodbye at the End of the Year Celebration on the last day of school!

Pretending to be on a boat

Best buddies!

We love art!

In and Out (and In-Between) Picnic

Spelling words with the moveable alphabet 

Working hard on her goal to get to 100 on her number scroll 

Stories with Mr. Rob and Ms. Becka! 

No paparazzi please 😎

Too cool for school 

Working together in the kitchen 

Noticing her shadow after we read and talked about shadows at story time 

Eating cupcakes at Ms. Alexia’s goodbye party

Getting a frisbee off of the roof using a ball 

We found a caterpillar! 

Observing the caterpillar in its new home 

Observing the second caterpillar that we found near our garden 

Photos from Mr. Rob’s visit: 

This picture makes me so happy :) 

She made it all the way to 100!! 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

May 28 - 31

This week, we continued learning about seeds, plants, and gardens. On Tuesday, we read “Growing Vegetable Soup” by Lois Elhert and talked about the different ways that vegetables grow. We also tasted radishes for our rainbow taste test! Many of the students agreed that they tasted spicy, and three students liked them. On Wednesday, we worked together to create a giant picture of a garden! Students drew flowers (real and imaginary), vegetable plants, worms, butterflies, and even a dog’s ball that got lost in the garden! It is now hanging in the classroom. On Thursday, we enjoyed the beautiful weather and spent a lot of time playing outside! The students enjoyed making “chocolate milk” and “mud cake” in the mud kitchen. On Friday, we tasted blueberries to finish our rainbow taste test. Nine out of eleven students liked the blueberries, and a couple of them tried them for the first time! Later, we read “Blueberries for Sal” which the students were just as enthralled by as I was at their age! Next week, we will read some of Ms. Rice’s favorite books, work hard on social-emotional skills, and enjoy the beginning of the end of the school year!

Dinosaur castle 

Drawing Peppa Pig

Working on our giant garden drawing

The finished product

Mixing mud!

Working together in the kitchen


Finished Rainbow Taste Test chart 

We love play-doh!

Read-aloud with Caleb! 

Posing with his putty 

Working on number writing with Ms Casey!